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May - 2011


Central African Wildlife Adventures

Better known as CAWA ... owned by Erik and Emelie Mararv who were born and raised in the Central African Republic ... assisted by sister Charlotte and father Roland ... they build camps and roads, service several beautiful camps, and hunt approximately 5,000,000 acres of pristine wilderness far from any towns or roads other than the over 1,000 miles they have cut and bulldozed within their concessions. The hunting season is late December through early May and, uniquely, all forest and savannah species may be hunted simultaneously including both Bongo and Lord Derby Eland.

GIANT FOREST HOG - John Hoestenbach

Hoestenbach Forest Hog

SAVANNAH BUFFALO - John Hoestenbach

Hoestenbach Buffalo

The Wilson-Hoestenbach Safari

The standard CAWA safaris are two weeks, three weeks, and four weeks, but one-week safaris occasionally become available between the longer safaris.  Knowing that the longer safaris are the way to go, I still signed on for a one-weeker in April so that I could check out the CAWA operation for future clients.  My friend and client, John Hoestenbach, went with me knowing that he would have only 5 full hunting days.  After he succeeded in taking a Weyn's Duiker, Savannah Buffalo, and one of the largest Giant Forest Hogs ever shot, John is already planning a return for the 12 full hunting days that a two week safari allows.  I concentrated on videotaping the CAWA operation for a "DVD brochure," but I also had time to hunt Yellow Back Duiker.  I missed my one opportunity when I guessed wrong as to the location of its body, but I will return for two weeks so I can again hunt the Yellow Back and Giant Forest Hog and some other species I don't have.  Incidentally, John's was the 18th Giant Forest Hog shot by CAWA clients so far this year.  THIS IS THE PLACE for big Bongo (averaging over 32 inches), big Eland (over 50 inches), Yellow Back Duiker, Giant Forest Hog, Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan, Forest Sitatunga, Lelwel's Hartebeest, Sing-Sing Waterbuck, Red River Hog, Warthog, Harnessed Bushbuck, Oribi, Red-Flanked Duiker, Western Bush Duiker, Weyn's Duiker, and Civet.  Call me for a discussion (800-910-4868).  CAWA is already 75% sold out for 2012 and 25% sold out for 2013 because of great hunting in great camps at reasonable, all-inclusive prices.



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