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July - 2010

Spotlight On Spain


Spain is the finest hunting destination in Europe and the sightseeing is unsurpassed. For the mountain hunter, Spain may be the world's premier venue. Where else can you hunt 7 species of free-range Capra and 2 species of free-range Ovis?


Heretofore, the cost to hunt Spain has been staggering. By the time you add up the daily rate, trophy fee, and 16% VAT, the cost of the Ibex hunts usually exceed $12,000 each! Fortunately, Jagdkontor Safaris now provides U.S. hunters with the prices that European hunters pay. More on this later.


2 species of Chamois (Cantabrian and Pyrenean)
1 species of Goat (Mallorcan Wild Goat)
4 species of Ibex (Beceite, Gredos, Sierra Nevada, and Ronda)

For my first hunt in Spain, my wife and I stayed in San Sebastian on the north coast, partied at the Fiesta de San Fermin in Pamplona, hunted the two southern types of Ibex, and toured the southern cities of Granada, Marbella, and Ronda before returning to Madrid. For my recent hunt for Beceite Ibex booked through Jagdkontor, I toured Barcelona and stayed in a small hotel in the hillside community of Vallibona where Ibex could be seen from the patio.


2 SPECIES OF Sheep (European Mouflon and Aoudad)

Both sheep may be hunted free-range or on estates, so be sure to specify your preference when booking.

July 2010

July 2010 July 2010

PRICES WITH JAGDKONTOR (at today's exchange rate) All prices include the daily rate, trophy fee, and 16% VAT!!

July 2010Beceite Ibex $5,395 (a $1,000 - $2,500 size surcharge is common)*
Gredos Ibex $8,740 (any size)
Sierra Nevada Ibex $6,240 (any size)
Ronda Ibex $6,240 (any size)
Cantabrian Chamois $5,375 (any size)
Pyrenean Chamois $6,240 (any size)
Mallorcan Wild Goat $4,950 (any size)
European Mouflon $4,550 (any size)
Aoudad $5,675 (any size)
* There was no surcharge for the Beceite Ibex I shot (pictured above).

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