Zambia Safari The Luangwa Valley & Kafue Flats
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Wayne Pocius starts with a record book Cookson's Wildebeest which has the largest horns and body of the Wildebeest family and is only found in the Luangwa Valley. Then Wayne takes on a big Nile Crocodile.

First hunting 2 on 1 with Wayne and then 1 on 1 with Ronnie, Ken Wilson shoots a Spotted Hyena, Puku, Hippopotamus, Cookson's Wildebeest, Nile Crocodile, Warthog, Southern Impala, and Cape Buffalo. The Buff is finally killed after arising from the "dead." The hippo doubles as Lion bait with interesting results including a charge by a Lioness.

Then Ken and Ronnie drive southwest of Lusaka to the Kafue Flats, the great floodplain of the Kafue River and home to large herds of Kafue Flats Lechwe. Only the males have horns and they are spectacular, sub-lyrate, and often exceed 30"; by far the largest of the Lechwe family. With no cover on the wetlands, Ken uses shooting sticks to make a long shot on a fine specimen of 32".

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