Zambia Safari The Bangweulu Swamps
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The first animals hunted are the Oribi and Tsessebe which are both found on the grasslands surrounding the flood plains.

The Bangweulu Swamps are the only place in the world where the Black Lechwe exists. Only the male has horns, which are ringed and lyre-shaped, with 23 inches considered to be a good trophy. In order to increase the chances for an excellent specimen, Wayne and Ronnie and a skeleton staff move to fly camp. The reward is that Wayne is able to take a beautiful 26 incher on-camera.

Then the hunting begins for one of Africa's greatest trophies: the ghost of the swamps, the legendary Zambezi Sitatunga, an aquatic antelope that lives in the swamps. As a defense mechanism, Sitatunga can actually submerge with only their nostrils above water.

Sitatunga are difficult to hunt and rarely photographed. But Wayne and Ronnie move their camp into the swamps and several Sitatunga are filmed before Wayne takes a magnificent specimen on-camera.

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