Walrus, Muskox & Wolves
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Boyd Warner's Adventure Northwest put together this unique combination of Arctic big game hunts for the cameras of Sportsmen on Film.

Atlantic Walrus
The Foxe Basin at the northern end of Hudson Bay is the walrus capital of North America. Led by Isaki "Ike" Angotautok, a flotilla of small boats transports hunters Boyd Warner, Nick Trenke, Lad Shunneson and Ken Wilson to the ice floes where Atlantic walrus rest between dives for food. Aided by the midnight sun, each hunter shoots a good bull and then witnesses the amazing spectacle of carcass utilization.

Greenland Muskox
"Greenland" is the designation given by Safari Club International for the muskox of the Arctic Islands. Ryan and Ken Wilson and Lad Shunneson each shoot excellent muskox along Prince Albert Sound out of Holman, Victoria Island, with guides John Alikamik and Roy and Isaac Inuktalik. They hunt on foot in relatively pleasant summer weather.

Arctic Wolves
Put on your Arctic suit for this one, because wolf hunts in early spring in the Arctic will be cold, especially with the wind chill factory on snowmobiles and komatiks. With guide John Koadloak, and hunting from a camp by frozen Pellett Lake north of Yellowknife, Lad Shunneson and Ken Wilson each shoot beautiful Arctic wolves the way the Inuits hunt them.


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