South American Safari
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Safari Club International requires the successful hunting of 11 South American species in order to earn the Inner Circle Award for South America at the Diamond Level. One outfitter, Paco Pizarro, provides the opportunity to achieve the Diamond Level in a single location on his estancia, known as Anuritay, northwest of Buenos Aires.

Hunting with crossbows and rifles, Ken and Ryan Wilson bag White- Lipped Peccary, Collared Peccary, Brown Brocket Deer, Puma, Water Buffalo, Feral Goat, Feral Sheep, Wild Boar, Fallow Deer, and Multi-Horned Sheep with Professional Hunters Paco Pizarro and Carlos Coto.

Then Paco guides Dick Mann, accompanied by Lad Shunneson, on another mixed bag safari, including particularly exciting hunts for Water Buffalo and Puma.


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