Grits Gresham On Duck Hunting
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One of the Major attractions of duck hunting is its variety; not only in the many species of ducks available but also in the many types of habitat that can be hunted. With that in mind, Grits hunts from a marsh blind with Dick Kuchera for the October season opener in South Dakota, and then travels to New York state where he guns a tree lined pond with George Bednar. In December, in Mississippi, Grits enjoys a wide variety of duck hunting situations; boat blinds on the Mississippi River with Jimmy Presswood; rice fields with Doug Mauldin; flooded bean fields with Catfish Flautt; plus pop-up shooting from mummy boats with Fred Fortier.

Along the way, Grits provides shooting tips and discusses shotguns, gauges, chokes, shot size, decoy placement, and types of duck calls. In addition, 3 time Mississippi State duck calling champion, Jerry Brocato, demonstrates his techniques for the hail call, comeback call, feeding call, and lonesome hen call, and tells when to use each.

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