Deer Slam Part One
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The six largest and most commonly hunted deer species in North America are Coues Deer and Whitetail, Columbia Blacktail and Sitka Blacktail, and Rocky Mountain Mule Deer and Desert Mule Deer.

Deer Slam: Part One documents the hunting for Coues Deer, Columbia Blacktail Deer, and Rocky Mountain Mule Deer.

Coues Deer are small whitetail indigenous to the hilly desert regions of Arizona, New Mexico, and northwestern Mexico.  They are named for former U.S. Army doctor and naturalist Elliot Coues.  Ken Wilson hunts Coues Deer in Sonora, Mexico with Carlos Gonzalez Hermosillo of Big Game Outfitters - Mexico.

Columbia Blacktail Deer are distributed along the Pacific Coast region from Bella Bella, British Columbia to Monterey Country, California.  Christopher Smith (who shoots a B&C buck on-camera) and Ken Wilson hunt Columbia Blacktail in northern California with Jim Schaafsma of Arrow Five Outfitters.

Rocky Mountain Mule Deer have long and wide ears, like those on a mule, and are known for typical antlers with twin forks on each side.  Dr. Bill Childress, Mitch and Roger Strew (using caplock and flintlock muzzleloaders, respectively), Drake Shunneson, and Ken Wilson hunt Rocky Mountain Mule Deer in Colorado with Lad Shunneson of Lad Shunneson Adventures.

Look for Deer Slam: Part Two which documents the hunting of Whitetail, Sitka Blacktail, and Desert Mule Deer.
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