Capstick Hunting the African Lion
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If a Lion ever reaches you, the odds of your survival are small. He may weigh 450 pounds, he may not even be wounded; yet when he comes, his charge will be low and fast and he may bring friends with him.

Lion hunting in Botswana is conducted by tracking. Baiting is not legal and relying on a chance sighting is not productive. You hunt Lions by finding tracks, determining the sex and the size, and then following the tracks of the big male.

In the morning, you might catch up with him warming himself in the sun. In the middle of the day, you might run into him while he is sleeping in the shade. Late in the day, you might find him thinking about a meal. But regardless of the time, if he senses your presence, he may become the hunter...and you the hunted.

Capstick describes the dangers, explains what can happen when things go wrong, and then, along with Cundill and Wilson, Capstick shows you the strategy and excitement of hunting the African Lion.

Near the Chobe River in northern Botswana, the mopane scrub and terminalia are thick and the hunting method is to track completely on foot for miles and miles. The Lions can be anywhere...and Capstick finds them!

In the Kalahari, the desert is so vast and the game so dispersed that the only efficient hunting method is to cut track in a vehicle and follow the tracks until a Lion is located. By then he has heard you and he usually runs to heavy cover. You have to go in after him and take care of him before he takes care of you. With the help of Capstick and professional hunter Ronnie Blackbeard, Wilson takes a Kalahari Lion on-camera.


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