Capstick Hunting The African Elephant
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He has added to the magnetism of the African bush more than any other modern writer. As a government cropping officer, he personally shot over 800 elephants. But he had not sport hunted a trophy bull Elephant on his own license until this safari with Volker Grellmann of ANVO Hunting Safaris in the Bushmanland area of Namibia (formerly South West Africa). Peter shoots his 70 pound Jumbo on-camera ( and, just to avoid confusion among the uninitiated, the old bull was over 12 feet at the shoulder and weighed an estimated 14,000 pounds with two tusks averaging 70 pounds each).

Three other Elephants are harvested on-camera. The first is a big 80 pounder taken by Jerry Heiner who, along with his wife Bam, shares camp with Peter. The other two bulls are taken by Ken Wilson and Dave Harshbaroer with dramatic frontal brain shots.

But it is the experience with the aboriginal Bushmen that will be remembered as much as the Elephant hunting. Unfortunately, the Bushmen are being telescoped into the 21st century at such a rate that their historic lifestyle may disappear before it can be passed to the next generation.

The African Elephant is subject to a variety of conditions: poaching and unregulated human encroachment where it is endangered... enlightened game management where it is not. Regulated sport hunters and sophisticated, government-supported game managers are the friends of the African Elephant. Together, they will be the salvation of Loxodonta Africana, the world's largest living land animal.   

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