Capstick Hunting The Cape Buffalo
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If you wound a Cape Buffalo and he sees you, the inevitable result is quite simple: either you will kill him or he will you.

Capstick enjoys describing the dangers because he feels the dangers create the enjoyment.

Find out what it's like to track herd after herd of Cape Buffalo in the limited visibility of the heavy mopane scrub and terminalia of the Chobe region of northern Botswana. When your chance finally comes, you may have three seconds to mount your rifle, find the kill zone, steady the crosshairs, and squeeze the trigger And with the Cape Buffalo, one shot rarely does the Job, even when well-placed. You will probably need to jack in a second round and fire before your Buffalo reaches the herd.

Then the tracking begins. But your trackers are experienced and they follow the tracks of the herd for several hundred yards until they see a lone track veer off to the right. Get ready, with one in the chamber and your magazine full and hope that your trackers see that wounded Bull before he sees you. If all goes well, you'll get a shot at him where he's standing in heavy cover and he'll drop and give out a death bellow.

You'll see it happen .. . twice. Wilson gets an education from Capstick and Cundill, and then, with his professional hunter, Jeff Rann, succeeds on a beautiful trophy with huge bosses. Next, Capstick, with professional hunter Robert Ramajaga, takes a tough old bull after an all day tracking marathon.


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