Loaded For Black Bears
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From the Alaska coast to the B.C. coast, join a cadre of hunters successfully pursuing trophy Black Bears by spot a stalk with renowned hunt organizer Lad Shunneson.

Wrangell Harbor is the starting point for the Alaska hunts of Johnny Burke, Dane Huele, Ken Wilson and Lad Shunneson. Prior to their hunts, you will experience jet boating the Stikine River with Stickeen (the old spelling) River Adventures and flying over the Stikine Icefields with Sunrise Aviation. Then its on to fantastic hunting interspersed with excellent fishing and observations of Porpoises, Dolphins, Whales and an irate swimming Brown Bear!

For the Canadian portion of the hunt, Bella Coola, British Columbia is the point of embarkation for the heart-throbbing hunts of Lisa McManus (assisted by her husband, Steve), Lisa's brother Mark and Jonas Bros. owner Rocky Losasso.

Revel in non-stop action and adventure!


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