Croatia, Romania & Greece
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In the steep mountains overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the resort town of Makarska, Croatia, Ken Wilson and Tom Montgomery each shoot Balkan Chamois in early November followed by a brief tour of historic Dubrovnik.

In Romania, Wilson and Montgomery each shoot Carpathian Chamois in the snowy mountains of Central Romania followed by brief tours of “Count Dracula’s Castle” and the museum that displays many of the hunting trophies of infamous dictator Nicolae Ceausecu. Burkhard Zietlow of Jagdkontor Hunting Adventures, Germany, arranged the hunts and was the tour guide for Croatia and Romania. He also shared video duties with Gary Goodgame.

Then Wilson joins Ray Young as they hunt pure Kri-Kri Ibex on two islands in Greece: Atalanti Island northwest of Athens and Sapienza Island off the southwest coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula near historic Methoni Castle. The hunts takes place during the olive harvest month of November, and a brief visit to ancient Olympia is included.

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